We provide consulting services for every stage of 3D printer development. We help our customers to make informed decisions at an early stage of development while saving time and money and improving the development process.

Here are a few examples of the type of consulting services we provide:

Custom 3D printing engines

We can provide a custom-developed 3D printing engine, implementing a complete processing pipeline, to optimize print performance and reliability, as well as enabling the printing of models with massive amounts of detail.

We typically adapt each one of these steps to the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

3D Slicers

We develop custom high-performance 3D slicers. Our slicer provides incredible speed and reliability whilst being capable of slicing multi-gigabyte models.


Our algorithm development team has years of experience developing classical algorithms as well as AI-based algorithms in the 3D and 2D imaging space. 

We have expertise in algorithms such as 3D data analysis and manipulation, 2D feature extraction, and slice imaging enhancements. We also employ modern AI techniques to implement advanced features such as pattern recognition, data reduction, abnormality detection, and non-uniform scaling.

Here are a few examples for the type of algorithm we used and implemented in the past:

Industrial Control Systems

We provide solutions to enable the use of complex control systems in demanding industrial machine applications. 3D printers require reliable control of various support elements such as heaters, valves, UV lamps and various other I/O channels. We have significant experience interfacing with a diverse range of PLCs from companies such as ABB, Delta and Automation Direct. We also provide development services of custom control hardware boards.

Motion Control

We have expertise in motion control solutions ranging from low-cost stepper motors to high-end sub-micron accuracy linear motor control stages. We have experience interfacing with many different types of motion controllers from companies such as Yaskawa, Copley, Galil, ACS, Elmo and many others. We also have capabilities in developing internal motion control “macros” for driving complex motion profiles.

We also provide custom motion control development services as an on-board addition for composite control boards.

User Interfaces

We provide development services for, high-quality user interfaces for machine control panels, touch screens and general applications. We combine 2D and 3D elements in order to create a modern and interactive user interface experience. In the case that the UI is intended to be used in an embedded Linux environment, we always apply a cross-platform approach enabling simulation under both Windows and Linux. We can easily work with existing graphic resources, as well as offering our own graphic design services.

Integrated control boards

We have specific expertise in developing print controllers based on various types MCUs and Linux modules. We provide full Linux distribution customization, custom device drivers and kernel modules and integration of application logic, control systems and user interfaces. 

We apply a cross-platform approach as default supporting cross-building of our applications and code on both Windows and Linux. These control boards provide cost effective and compact solution for systems that require fully integrated solutions.

Printed Electronics

We have years of experience developing inkjet-based 3D printing solutions for applications such as solar cells and additive PCB printing (AME). We developed high-performance print engines for driving demanding printed electronics applications such as Solar Cells and PCBs production. We have previously developed novel solutions such as a Gerber files processor and specialized slicer for additive electronics applications.

Inspection Systems

We integrate cameras, lighting and inspection algorithms with 3D printers to enable advanced features both during and post-print:

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