About us

3D Printing Software Development

We provide software solutions for additive manufacturing.

Based in Sydney, Australia, our software and hardware engineering professionals have over 20 years’ experience developing control software for industrial 3D printers.

We understand and have already solved many of the issues faced by organisations wishing to develop 3D printing systems in the additive manufacturing space.

As our client, you will appreciate the direct and personal involvement of our professional team at every step. This streamlines the process, facilitating a timely and economical outcome.

Our Approach

Our development team works seamlessly with both local and overseas stakeholders to develop and plan integrated solutions for 3D printing software.

We work with you to plan and optimise possible software and hardware architecture solutions for your additive manufacturing systems. Our development team can both complement and support in-house development efforts.

Our Mission

We are a dedicated, creative and ambitious team focused on the success of our customers. We strive to find solutions that are both technologically advanced as well as being appropriate to the needs of our individual customers. We believe that technology – and additive manufacturing in particular can serve to improve livelihoods worldwide.

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Customer-Specific Solutions

Each customer has unique requirements to understand and provide for - our consultation process always starts with a detailed analysis of these needs, in order to define explicit criteria for success. Our perspective and long experience in 3D printing allow us to efficiently identify and contextualize requirements within the larger technology space, in order to provide efficient and appropriate solutions. We strive to develop practical, reliable solutions for the real-world problems that you face.


We strive to provide highly innovative solutions that are also practical and consistently reliable. We have vast experience in modern technologies ranging from GPU accelerated and parallel computing, AI and data science to modern control systems and high-speed data paths.

Background of Visionware 3D Founder and CEO

Ran Peleg

Ran has was obsessed from a young age with combining computers, electronics and motion systems, developing robots and machines. After working for many years in leading roles across various additive manufacturing start-ups, he founded Visionware Solutions in 2013 in Australia, with the goal of providing advanced development services in the 3D printing space. Ran has a deep understanding in machine vision, multi-disciplinary systems, 2D and 3D printing, software architecture, algorithms development, embedded systems and automation systems.

Background of Visionware 3D CBO

Dror Danai

Dror Danai brings over 28 years of experience in international business strategy  to Visionware3D. He has a proven track record of launching innovative technologies and driving significant revenue growth for companies. His expertise spans product design, sales, channel development, marketing, and high-level business development.

Dror’s leadership has been instrumental in advancements in both 2D and 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing or AM). Notably, he played a key role in the success of Objet Geometries (later merged with Stratasys), guiding the company from a startup to a global leader in AM.

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